Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Destiny. A word whose verbal meaning will make you think weird. Yes!!! Destiny, he will always drive you to live and feed you the thrust for pursuing.
Before him even a big ocean never knows whether it's going to sprinkle as rain on your forehead or as a wave on your feet.
Jay!!! my friend who was the victim of him :). She brought me to this world of blogging.We are friends for past 6 years. Last year he surprised us, on a get together where we came to know our mothers were school mates before 35 years. Hm mm.. He's a naughty kid always presenting you surprises with experiences. Experiences!!! Huh... he gives them as a cake in your hand or a pie in your face :). Learn to eat both, guys :).
Destiny he will never make you judge him rather guess him :). If you dare to judge him with bad luck on your side, Man!!! then your going to taste a cake of unacceptable experience with disappointment as icing on it.
Friends, never allow him to lead you. Learn to take him beside you. One day he'll follow you.
Destiny he's a naughty kid. Never let him go his way. Always feed him with tasty confidence and delightful ambitions. Surely he'll be your companion and travel to hill where you can find the Divine.

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